She wakes, Lim2Limb’s latest work in development follows a modern day couple and the pressures our materialistic western culture puts on their relationship.


A twisted love story exploring the idea of deceit to save the one you love. When the one person you truly trust is the person you deceive the most how can you come out the other side?


The piece is still being developed however Limb2Limb performed a five minute scratch performance in front of a small audience to gain feedback in December 2013.


Buttons, a short film developed in collaboration with Ivor Houlker Photography, is a heart-warming response to a piece of work by artist and poet Rob Ryan.


“Last night whilst you were asleep, I took all the buttons off your shirt and I sewed them onto my shirt and then I sewed all of mine onto yours, if I can’t be with you all day, then at least…”


Sound and Fury, a scratch performance developed in collaboration with Postdramatic theatre, is a humorous insight into life after drama school. It was originally developed for the LOST Theatre 5 minute festival 2012.


Through a mixture of song and text Leah Georges, Oliver Theobald and Ivor Houlker profess the harsh reality of ‘bar work and teaching and paying the rent’ of course all the while dressed as pirates!



Circles is an intimate tale inspired by the human struggle to simply let go. Discover the story of siblings Alex and Kate through a fast-paced high energy fusion of sound, movement and text.


It's a Saturday morning, the house is packed into boxes and Alex is late for work. Switching between past and present the audience are invited to take a step into the world of Alex and Kate.


Circles is a coupled with a breathtaking soundtrack developed in collaboration with sound designer Sam Cockerton.

Lost Theatre, 2012 - Photos by Ivor Houlker.

Brighton Fringe, 2013 - Photos by Ivor Houlker.

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